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Who Am I? Siapakah Aku? 나는 누구예요?

Posted by ardnahc pada 21 November, 2007

Sometimes (actually now), i’ve been thinking about some stupid thought. Who am i? What have been a difference between me and other people? Do i really stupid? :p no way! Do i really crazy? :p not at all.

Sometimes i see some people in the road (di jalan gitu maksudnya), kok kayanya g lebih beruntung dari mereka? Loh kok jadi Indonesia? Back to english… I thought that i’m luckier than him/her. Is it true? Why should be i thinking of this? I have a lovely family, profitable work :p, complete facilitation, etc. But what about him/her? Have him? If he have, how much? Is smaller than me? Or even maybe bigger than me?

What the difference? Nothing just “LUCK”. I have a family, he also have/had a family. I am eating rice, so do him. I breathe, so do him. I can eat more than once a day, can him? I don’t know. I can sleep in a comfort place, can him? I can speedying, can him?

Should i be like him? Or should i give my sympathy for him? But who is he? I have no connection with him. Really? He is Indonesian, me too. The one that i know is, i can be like this because of God. And he is either. So i don’t want too thinking deeply anymore. I am me, he is him. :p Thanks God for your kindness to me. And thanks for especially my lovely family.  아버지, 어머니, 형 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 사랑해… 사랑해 주세요..


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