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Mac Os X 10.4.10 On Intel (Toshiba A135-S4427)

Posted by ardnahc pada 26 Desember, 2007

Have you tried Mac Os yet? I tell you, it was very good os. The design and the performance was the very good point for me. Beside that it is based on unix which i used to be. 🙂

It was Dec 23 2007, when i looking for Mac Os Image but nothing to find except bittorent. Damn, it is so f*cking long time to get it. Until I browse to some ftp site in Indonesia University. Wow, Mac Os X 10.4.10 install image. Got to get it. For some hours, i’ve got the 1,8G image. Burned it to dvd, and install it.

Well, for some hours, i get punked by the dvd. It’s very hard to install it in my laptop, which is :

– Intel Core Duo, 1,73Hz

– 1 G DDR II

– The other parts are to shy to show up :p

I got to restart my laptop for 5-10 times, due to incompabilty with my laptop. Or is it the damn dvd image?? Ah… i don’t care. Then for some time, i got it installed. With minimal install configuration. Sh*t, why don’t at the first time. It takes 2-3 hours to get it worked.

Now, i got the powerfull and beautiful mac on my laptop. Wonderfull. It’s very different with vista that take a long time, for an application to run (hahaha…). With the superb animation (minimize, maximize windows,etc), i should be comfortible with this. Next, the multimedia, it has quicktime and Itunes. Wow….they were good couple. But wait, i can’t play mkv file and avi. It said, quicktime need some additional codec. I go to the, and download some codec. I’ve tried to update it via update software in my mac (is it mac?hehehe…). Wow, my mac upgraded to 10.4.11. And some application are not working. Battery status is gone 😦 and some other application. Ah… I got to reinstall my mac.

Back to 10.4.10, i download other addtional application such codec, upgrade quicktime and itunes, and uncheck the mac upgrade. Wow, I got the powerfull mac, worked in my cheap laptop 🙂

After using it for 2 days, ahh… Why the power management didn’t work? I mean, in windows, when the cpu get hotter, the cooler (fan) gets on, and dry the hot air inside my laptop. But in mac, nothing works. I got to know the temperature. WOW, amazing… 72C. Damn, i don’t want my laptop used to be like this. I’m searching for the cooling down apps in the net. But i got nothing. Well, maybe it’s not the time for using it. I’m waiting for the leopard (10.5) now. And for now i know something about mac :

– The performance is very good. Memory consumption is not a problem, even for a big application.

– The animation is a superb one. No one can defeat this.

– A hot one 🙂 , maybe because of my laptop isn’t mac, i felt like this. When i touch my friends mac, it was hot. Same like my laptop. But i don’t like it. I love my laptop :p

– Unix based, so i’m comfortable using the freedom of shell.

– Many of great application such as spotlight, itunes, dictionary, etc.

– Very user friendly Operating system.

Well just wait for the 10.5 version. And i’ll tell you what it is and how powerfull it is.


3 Tanggapan to “Mac Os X 10.4.10 On Intel (Toshiba A135-S4427)”

  1. eddie said

    i ha ve toshiba i install the mac os x the probality of my getting heat up would be 80 20 perent chance would ruine my computer later i ll try it

  2. natalia said

    waah chandra punya blog..
    ya iyalah secara anak komputer gitu..
    tapi gw agak2 tidak mengerti isinya karena sebagian besar ttg komputer.. hehe..
    trus bahasa2 koreanya jg..
    mo buka tempat les ya mas..
    peace ah… 🙂

  3. ardnahc said

    gak semua anak komputer punya blog kok.hehehe…
    misal ada teroris dari indonesia, berarti semua orang indonesia teroris dong??hehehe…
    Bahasa korea, hanya supaya bisa ngerti orang korea ngomong apa. jadi gak dibego2in.hehehe…

    Thanks ya dah mampir bu nat… :p

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