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The Curse Of Network Administrator…

Posted by ardnahc pada 26 Desember, 2007

Hahaha… it’s so funny isn’t it? Is there any curse of network administrator? I mean, not the curse done by network administrator, but the curse for network administrator. Okay, i tell you some of it 🙂

Some of network administrator i know is a “jomblo“. (what is jomblo in english???) Jomblo is a skill that…, no. I’ll find another words. hhhh… The point is, network administrator is hard to get a girlfriend(s). It is possible but hard. hehehe…

My self, i felt so hard to get a girlfriend. Maybe i’m to perfectionist? (Is another network admin too? YES :p ).

Hah… I don’t care about this f*cking curse. I believe that it is hard, but still possible. So… need more than 39 girls to make me change my mind. :p

Go go go, network administrator, don’t get down easily. There are many woman out there. Let’s just find a perfect one. Don’t be rush. It’s not good.


3 Tanggapan to “The Curse Of Network Administrator…”

  1. Febby said

    1st, jomblo is SINGLE, chan~ ha3
    What’s wrong with you when you wrote this post?
    Are you feeling lonely or jealous when you saw the boy who have a gf?!

    It’s not like you when you worried about that =p
    You know?! I think you are A GOOD BOY, FRIENDLY, HELPING HAND, and yeah there’s so much good point in you…
    So, don’t worry about that, you just must try hard, OK?!
    I like you as my friends~ ^^

    Ganbatte ne, Chan!!!

  2. ardnahc said

    oh iya… single. bener tuh! hehehe…

    G nulis ini karena inget, dulu ada yang nulis tentang kutukan ini juga. jadi aja inget. g kenal cewe, belum dideketin sih, pas mau dideketin, eh….ketauan deh aslinya dia.yah….

  3. Agus said

    hahahaha…..but in my dah pnya list ce2 yg prnh jd korban gw :p Is ithis another curse of network administrator 😀

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