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When it can be simple, keep it simple. When it can’t, make it simple!


Posted by ardnahc pada 12 Juli, 2008

Selfish… Have you ever being selfish? or let’s talk about what it is first. Selfish, it is not the same with sell fish.hehehe… enough with the craps. Okay, selfish is an attitude that reflected someone as an egois person. Don’t care about anything but him/her self. I’ve ever being selfish. For many times. Actually, should i being selfish? It depends on the situation i thing.

Sometimes, we need to being selfish. As we need to be grow up, and we need to be selfish to grow up faster. As being careless for anything except for his/her self. As for my experience, many things can inhibit us for developing ourself.

Me, in my life, starts from a couple months ago, being monitored by someone who doesn’t like my family. I don’t know what is his purpose. He’s just a double sided people. He can be a nice people beside my family, but he could be a devil when he is being with someone. He speaks some shit about my family. Last one, he speaks about my life. He thinks that his daugther is the best all over the universe. He ask me (but not to me!!!!), when will you graduate??? Now is my fourth semester, and i’m still not graduated. Well, i’ll answer it even i’m sure he can’t understand my words since i know he’s too stupid to be smart. I’m to fast to move forward i think. When i should go to college, i’ve got to work, even my parent didn’t know about it. When i should playing with my friends, i’m getting busy with my work. And now, my final project isn’t getting finished. I quit from all of my job and start focusing on my final project. Back to the stupids, he thought that my family is nothing. YES, it was. So do his family. When he told that i should focusing on my college and not to work, my family just keep in silence. And not so long, he told that her daugther just get a part-time job. What kind of shit is that? He said that children should focusing on her college but he swallowed his shit. Later, he speaks that her daugther got a scholarship, with a 4.00 score, etc etc etc. Well, i’ll wait who will be the shit, and who will know what shit is. I just keep in silence from now on.

Back to the topics Selfish. As selfish is not so good enough for our health, i don’t recommend it. But it’s true that sometimes we need it. In some condition of course. Selfish sill just makes you stupid and more stupid, dumb and dumber. You need to open your mind to the realities of life. There is many shit that you don’t know yet. Yes, real life is cruel. So, don’t be selfish. Keep in touch with your friends, colleages, etc. Many things would you get along with your life. For your tips, when you have a dream, a so so so so many of hambatan, beign selfish is some way to reach your dream. As being selfish will help you to reach it.


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