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When it can be simple, keep it simple. When it can’t, make it simple!

Sports day

Posted by ardnahc pada 12 Juli, 2008

This day is full of sports. Start with running with my friends at 6.30 till 8.00. And then playing basket ball until 9.00. And then playing badminton at 16.00 until 19.00. Damn, my power is exhausted. Need to be recharge. :p

At night, i realize that emotional person sometimes eat the emotional it self. I mean, when someone get angry or get emotional with something or someone, he probably will get carma with what he has done. It’s like eating his own words. He say bla bla bla, cursing other people, and something amazingly happen and he got the carma. Maybe he just forgot something or GOD is trying to wake him up. ah… it’s not my business. Just go to hell and mind your own business. I’ll just take care of my family, my self, and of course my friends. And many people that respect me. I’ll respect people who has respect to other people. We eat the same rice, drinking the same water, and shitting the same shit. So why we should differ each other. Fuck off!!


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