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Welcome back…

Posted by ardnahc pada 12 Juli, 2008

Hi…back with me. Of course in the new version of me. 🙂 Well, it’s been a quite long that i didn’t wrote anything in this blog. But, for now i want to write something.

First, i’ll write about my final project. Damn, it’s Java. Another reason that makes me didn’t like it is, it’s license. BSD is quite hard to getting work with java. It is possible, but it’s just a time. 🙂 I don’t have much time to make it works. Why should i use it if it’s like that? It’s just because there is a JPcap (Java Packet Capture). Damn, that’s a reason why i should like java. It’s so easy to use. Different with libpcap or Net::Pcap. But, still i love BSD. Should i finish my final project using a Windows? (more even in Pirate Edition??) I’ve installed java in my ubuntu. But didn’t try yet. My highschool friend was inviting me for playing with her.hehehe… well, she has a pretty little sister. But she’s only 14. Yes it is 14. Years old of course. But anyway, i’ve been a crush with someone in my college. She’s sweet, nasty, strong, and unfriendly. But, i don’t know why i like her. maybe because she can do taekwondo? :p  No way! As usual, maybe i’m just curious about her. But, i can’t stop thinking about her even for a second. I bet that u don’t know how much poetry i’ve made for her??? My friends does. And all of them amazed,cause they saw a resurrection of me. Yes, I’m resurrected.hahaha…

I’ll explain about her in some words. Her name was … i wont tell you.hehehe… She has a blonde hair, not naturally for sure. But as long i live, not so many blonde hair girl could take my attention. Let’s say Kristin Kreuk, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Heewit, etc. I prefer black hair girl. Back to my crush girl, she’s so, well what can i say. I don’t much information about her. I just know that she was in mathematics, and many of my friends like her. And many of them get punched greeting (salam tonjok indonesiana mah). Wow, that’s makes me more curious than anything. Even for my BSD. Well, if it isn’t, it won’t interesting anymore isn’t it??

Let’s start with the poetry.hehehe…

This morning, i woke up between my lovely people. But there was something that is missing. I try to find and find, but i don’t found anything. Until i know, the missing part is YOU.

Some people doesn’t like when it rain. But i do like it. Why? Because i can see you after that. Cause you are rainbow in my heart.

I born just one time
I lived just one time
I’ll die just one time
I’ll love just one person
And that person is you

Do you know that i won’t cry if you leave me?? Cause i’ll die if you leave me.

What do you think about that? Sweet isn’t it? Damn, this girl rocks my up. If only i could talk to her. I just…well this is me. I don’t have any courage. 🙂 I have many things to be proud of. But i’m still doesn’t have a courage. I do race, hacks, everything to burn my adrenaline, but still. I don’t have any courage. People said that, “go and tell her before you can’t.” But, damn…what can i do. I need more signal from her. Maybe i should buy external antenna or upgrade my system software so i can reach her signal.hehehe… give me a sign please. a clearer signal of course. hehehehe… Or maybe i’m just scared with it. cause of my traumatic experience. When i love someone in the past, and she succeeded doubling me. Yes, i got a girlfriend for 3 years and she got 2 boyfriends (including me) for 3 years in the same time. Damn shit… I was too stupid once.

Fuck off with that shit… Stop with the romantic part, let’s go to another part. Just wait me in the next episode. The adventurer side of me.


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