Love to live, and live to love

When it can be simple, keep it simple. When it can’t, make it simple!

8 – 8 – 8

Posted by ardnahc pada 8 Agustus, 2008

Stop with all shit!!!

I am me, i know what i can and i know what i can’t
I know my limit and i’ll break my limit
I have my own mind and nobody can stop me
I have my own body and no one can order me
I am myself and nobody can deny it!

Yes, i am a criminal.
A criminal who has a long vision.
A criminal who will never stop learning!
A criminal who use his ability to support the others
A criminal who never disturb anyone’s freedom

I have a heart to love
I love a hundred miles per hour
I love a terabytes of speed
I love a skid from my bikes
I love to slide with my bikes

Nobody can hurt me cause only me can hurt myself
Am i sick?
Yes, i’m sick of a coruptor
I’m sick of a shitter
I’m sick of a traitor
I’m sick of a lier

I am me and i’ll do everything what i want
no one can stop me but me
I’m a fool, until i know that i’m a fool
U think u can use me? No way, i’am smarter than you
You’re to stupid to be smart


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