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When it can be simple, keep it simple. When it can’t, make it simple!

The princess..

Posted by ardnahc pada 16 Februari, 2009

Diambil dari Seorang anak berumur 7 tahun yang sudah menjadi guru SD. Otaknya jauh melebihi anak kecil biasa. buseeeetttt……

In the castle awaits a knight….
Perhaps he’s come for me!
The princess awaits….
On her fine steed she rides,
A shining ghost in the midnight.

Oh how she rides!….and they’re off…
Against her father’s will!
The knight is poor, the princess rich…
And the knight is not nobly born!

And they pass through the streets,
Where nobody can disturb them,
And nobody can tell them to leave!
The King is soundly in bed,
The Queen is almost dead,
The princes are playing,
The horses are a-neighing,
And light begins to shine!

The knight says farewell,
To the sad tears of the princess,
For this is her wedding day!
Her betrothed stands
a-waiting, impatiently
Gazing at the sky.

And many years after,
The knight comes again….
A spirit…
Crying for his love.


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