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Useless post

Posted by ardnahc pada 30 April, 2009

back with me with my useless post :p

today i’m gonna post about all people that the name start with ‘C’. Such as Chandra, Catur, Chris, Caroline, Catherine, Craps, Cecep, Cunguk, Ceper, …. (wow, i have no idea what next :p)

is people which his/her name start with ‘C’, should stick together? or have they any relationship (hidden relationship exactly)? Lately, i saw a girl, her name was Caroline. Wow, i remember my high school friend. But she’s younger. And also, i remember her sister, Cathy. 🙂

I saw Caroline at **** **** ******* placed at jalan ********* *****. First time i saw her was, a little bit strange feeling. but well, i dont want to get deeper feeling with her, so i don’t get much to it. Second day i met her, damn… her cute smile and naughty eyes when she look at me, makes me look at her more an more. her friend tell something to me with her eyes, but… again i’ve lost another chance(s) 😦 if only she’s not ******** ***** ***, i’m sure i’ll take on her. :p well, i won’t meet her anymore i think. only a miracle would do 😐

thinking of her, makes me remember about my past. i had a friend (and it is still my friend :p), her name was Caroline. She’s a nice person, strong mind, sweet, carefull, (and many things i won’t tell about her :D), she’s also beautifull when i saw her someday. She’s so woman… (stop, this is not a public consumption!)

Her sister Cathy, was a nice girl too. Cute ones, angel smiley faces, careless, and lovely ones. She’s on third grade of junior high school. Hope she can do her best, and i’m sure she will. Do your best Kate! 😀

Ah… damn, i’m so tired this day. To much outdoor activity from the morning. But, there were much good things i got. Money, experience, friends, naughty smile :p hufff….sleepy. i’m being a useless man (again) lately. sorry to all of my friends… Thanks, and i hope i can be more usefull for you all.

ps: i’m learning to wrote in english. just to familiarizing my brain to writing in english. sorry for the lame words. :p


4 Tanggapan to “Useless post”

  1. ephie said


  2. ardnahc said

    hehehe… kenapa phie?

  3. ephie said

    hem…gpp c…??he..he..banyak juga ternyata cew yang mengisi kehidupan kk,knp menghindar dr cew yang disuka?kalo mo ktmu mah ktmu aja ga perlu berharap untuk ga ktmu, ntar malah ktmu truz…(tanya pada yang sudah berpengalaman)xixixixixixi^^
    keliatannya 2 cew n2 spesial bnget y?(tp ga pake telor)he..he..alah apaa c,ya udah good luck 4 u, kk….!!^^

  4. ardnahc said

    hahaha.. iya phie.. mereka spesial :p sama kaya kamu, cuma bedanya kamu pake telor, telor buaya.hehehehe..

    gak menghindar kq. biasa aja aku mah. cuma, gak pengen terlalu deket aja. just a friend lah. friend deket.hehehe…

    blog kamu mana phie? masih suka diisi gk?

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