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May 1 2009

Posted by ardnahc pada 1 Mei, 2009

wow… today was another great day. many things i learned today.

starts from another cute girl, beautifull girl, damn girl, warm friend, cool old partner, anda many more.

hhuuuuaaamm… i’m so sleepy when writing this post. it’s 10.30 pm!

i’m trying to get a higher speed, and then some crazy public car wants to knock me, and damn-ly my rear tire are so shit-ly slips.. yoooo f*ck up man.. it shouldn’t be sleepy! but, maybe because of cold aspalt n wet weather, so i don’t take any shit with that. even i tried to more slipping my damn tire. ah, speed… u’re make my heart happy. i love to heard a skid sound. i missed the angle when i ate corners. i love the engine sound when the rpm get 10000. sooooo sweet… like a damn cute girl that smile to me today. with his rabbit-like tooth, she smile n stare to me. wow, she’s so cute. but again, i don’t want to be easily dumped.

what i got today is, how to argue with someone, even we know that we are wrong. 🙂 just make his/her minds turn around and be with you. everybody can do this, just try to hypnotize someone. how to do it? just, try to make him/her thinking more n more deep. while he/she is deeply thinking, don’t make him/her stop thinking, tell another arguments to make sure that he/she is thinking. while he/she can’t say that you’re wrong, he/she would probably turn to make your arguments are true. well, that’s the f*cking damn technics. Many MLM or marketting SPG do this just to make a deal with a buyer candidate.

there was a lot of things that i want to share, but i should get rest. Just remember, there is lot of things that you don’t know yet. so don’t try to limit your mind, open your mind to the real world. And i’m sure you’ll be a better man.


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