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May 2 2009

Posted by ardnahc pada 2 Mei, 2009

wow… another day has passed..

i feel so much lucky for this day. thanks GOD for always being with me. I got nice score for post-graduate-student entry test. Wow, i’m good enough 🙂

And then, i met new korean friends. Lee Young Im and Sin Gu. Such a warm girl and nice guy. Nice to meet you all. Later i met my senior high school friend. Metia, Malki, Eric, Samuel, Caroline, and her sister Cathy. Happy enough to hanging around with you. Metia is still beautifull, eric is still funny, malki is still always to put his happy face, carol is still carefull with anyone, cathy is still careless and cute, samuel is still as he usually was. Thank you all.

I want to help Nanda as she was intimidated by her seniors. But that was life. Life wouldn’t be good if we never faced situation like that. Keep strong, you’re in a way to be a superb woman. 🙂 I just can support you from here :p

Life must go on, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Sometimes i’m good enough, sometimes i’m a loser enough. Keep rolling baby! Enjoy your life because life is only once. Do good things and learn from bad things.

CU everybody!


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