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Hore hore hore….

Posted by ardnahc pada 9 Mei, 2009

Wow… this day is my birth day… 🙂

thanks to all of my friend who always supporting me. Sorry for all of my mistakes to you :p I swear i’ll be a better boy next day. 😀

i’m not hope that much actually. Start from my friend who said “Happy birthday!” at 00.00. And then my ex who said at 01.00, she must be tired with her activity, or maybe she’s tired with me.hahahaha.. who cares :p

and then my ex star, she’s the one that said me in facebook. and then her sister, who wants to call me but i didn’t turn on my phone (i’m forgot), sorry lin… :). And then Nanda (Psycho-girl hehehehe..), and many of my friends later.

In the evening i’ll set a “eat together time” with my friends. 2 korean friends (Kim Sin Gu and Lee Young Im), 1 highschool friend (Adrianus Firmando, S.Pd) and 1 korean study friend (Yolanda Riska Lesmana) were coming with me. Later on, my university friends were coming too (Made, Afif, Edwin, Putu, Jamil, Nisa).

That day was my first time bringing people (except my family) with car. Wow, not nervous at all. but i’m sure they’re nervous, since i bring a happiness to them (hahaha…) Race time dude! :p

Thanks to Yolanda which is being a victim at that day.hehehe.. Sorry Yol, never ever wants to do that, but you’d make it better.hehehehe… Thanks also to Adrianus which stand beside me. :p

Well, i hope i can be better from now on. Even my heart felt i little broke, but i’m sure this is the best for me. Thanks GOD. I should keep on moving, better than looking to behind.


2 Tanggapan to “Hore hore hore….”

  1. yolanda riska lesmana said

    Oemji,,,,what a long time ago,,,^^ serasa baru kamari,,kaget eik di google ada nama eik disebut,,,kckck,,,makasi chan atas penculikan hari itu,,,XDD~

  2. ardnahc said

    hahahaha.. yol… ternyata urang cobaan neang di google ngaran maneh, eh nyambungna kadieu..wkwkwk..

    sama2 yol, makasih mau diculik..wkwkwk :p

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